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In education, the landscape is changing. New models are needed. We’re here to help.

We provide ongoing training, life learning, and flexibility to the busy work schedule.

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What I Do

I help my clients learn how to study, gain knowledge and confidence in a variety of subjects, become stronger writers, learn English, and fall in love with learning. 

I Coach.

I help businesses create clear, concise, effective messages through writing, whether this means negotiating a late payment with a client or ensuring flowers make it to a wedding reception. I also help clients with time management, coach them how to study effectively, and set and exceed their goals.

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I Speak.

I have led a number of workshops on test prep strategies, memory, and study tips, and creating strong habits. I have worked with anywhere from a few to 100+ at a time.

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I Write.

In addition to proofreading and editing, I can help you create a clear, strong message for your website, business report, curriculum, or lesson.

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Are you looking for editing, writing, or study skill solutions?

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My e-Books & Courses

If you’re looking for a quick guide to brush up on your grammar and writing, this resource is for you:

If you’re looking for a clear, fun guide to the ACT, this is for you:

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Cliff has been working with our 11 year old daughter on 6th grade math.  She has always struggled with math and throughout the years we have tried several different tutoring centers.  We ended up paying a lot of money and seeing very little progress.  So, we decided to seek out an individual tutor.  Cliff was recommended to us through an online educational group that I belong to.

Cliff has a very calming demeanor and that really helped ease my daughter’s math anxiety.  He is very patient with her and provides her with positive feedback and reassurance.

We asked Cliff to follow along with the math units they were working on in the classroom.  His additional explanations during the tutoring sessions complemented what the teacher was teaching in class.  This really helped avoid the “that’s not how my teacher does it” confusion.

He is also very good at recognizing areas of deficiency and suggesting resources and study strategies that will help.  In their first session, he noticed that she didn’t understand the vocabulary of math.  He suggested she have a section in her notebook with math vocabulary words and definitions.  This helped her pay more attention to the words in math and take note of the ones she didn’t know.

We are very happy with the progress we have seen in our daughter’s math skills.  If you are looking for a tutor we would highly recommend Cliff.                    — Jennifer


My Story

I have always loved learning. When I was growing up, my family encouraged a sense of curiosity about the world around me and life learning. Whether it was “treasure hunting” on the Oregon coast, heading to the nation’s capital, or meeting people from different cultures, learning has been a big part of my life.

I taught writing, literature, humanities, and English as a Second Language (ESL) at the college level before consulting with Pearson Education to build courses across the country. I’ve also edited documents for Bayer, the Bank of Japan, Rockefeller Center, and have edited applications and documents for students at top colleges. I’ve worked with students and clients all over the US and overseas through tutoring, teaching, and leading workshops.

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